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Resonate IP has a trusted network of firms worldwide to secure trademark registration globally and prevent the production, sale, and importation of counterfeit products.

By their very nature, trademarks transcend cultures and are means for brand owners to establish new sales channels, grow their business, and build brand equity outside the United States.

The ability to secure and protect a brand globally depends on many factors, not least the trademark laws in the country where registration is sought.  Unlike the United States, most countries grant trademark rights on a “first-to-file” basis, meaning that a party is not required to sell a product or render a service before they can obtain a trademark registration.  A brand owner may use the first-to-file system to secure trademark registration in a particular country before expanding into that market.  However, it also allows for bad faith actors (e.g., manufacturers, distributors, unscrupulous competitors) to exploit the goodwill of a business by filing a trademark in a first-to-file country without permission.

Resonate IP has the boots on the ground to help you expand into new markets, combat trademark misappropriation, and manage your global trademark portfolio. 


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